Nyonya Laksa


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Every Peranakan family has their own version of Nyonya Laksa, The actual traditional version which we serve is not spicy and no curry powder is used. The rempah is blended with shallots, turmeric, dried chillies, galangal , lemongrass, candle nuts and belacan.

We will include quail eggs, fish balls, seafood tofu, prawns and toppings of pineapple slices, cucumber strips, diced sweet radish, sliced leeks, chopped fresh onions, daun kesum, kaffir lime leaves, torched ginger and mint leaves.

With all these you can expect an explosion of fragrance and taste. Laksa noodles are used in this dish. This is the dish to order for those who love noodles that have coconut milk infused with an abundance of spices and herbs.

This dish is also good to go with